Jamie Doresy(non-registered)
Stephanie Willingham(non-registered)
Great Shots! Love all your work!


Ginger Hanna(non-registered)
Hi Ben, I don't know if you remember me but we met on a flight out of Savannah in 2011. We talked about photography and I showed you my photo's I shot in Savannah and you gave me the wireless remote to learn to use. Anyway loving your work! I'm still shooting pictures. But still have a hard time with night shots. Any advise would be great! Oh and I have sold some of my work from the Savannah trip. They were a big hit here back home in Arkansas. The cemetery shots were everyone's favorite. Keep up the great work.
si hunt(non-registered)
great work here, i'll be comming back here for sure. thanks for the images, si.
Brenda Silk(non-registered)
Just discovered your photos and blog. Beautiful photos
Robert WDixon(non-registered)
Nice work Ben!
Michael Kirsh(non-registered)
Wonder photography. Very unique and very well done.
I hope you dont mind - i shared the wildlife album on fb :)
Chelsea Krost(non-registered)
Love your photography Ben. You are so incredibly talented!! Cannot wait to hang my fabulous print that I received from you:) Look forward to your new work.
Deane Peterson(non-registered)
Really nice work Ben... Next time your up got to have you snap some pictures of the bike.....
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